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jim ellroy wrote:
The clip and pics are around 10 years old now. She's french canadian and was one of the early girls in the sweetloads videos, that later showed up on the sweetloads site. I bought some of those vids back around 1996 or 97 because he had a number of cute girls in them.

Unfortunately Steve Sweet was the only person she worked for and that's pretty much all there is of her, there may be another one or two picture sets ( solo, I think ) but that's about it.

Wish there had been more because she was really cute.

Absolutely right! I thought that I was the only one old enough to know this video is from 1996/97 Laughing

I'm not so sure, but seems that she didn't do any porn video again. It was something she did for a short time and quite. Probably now she is living a normal life and nobody knows about her past Rolling Eyes
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She is amazing, indeed. Can someone please re-up the video? As the post is from 2007, it is long gone Crying or Very sad

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mouth56 wrote:

you can find the video in this thread:

Found some nice pics of her:

dead link
Madison Goode:
Painful anal:
Russ. matures: