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The Rules of Forumophilia

1. No under-age
Do not post or exchange by private message any images, download links, hyperlinks or in any other way share material where the subject was under eighteen at the time that the material was made. (This includes all non-nude material). Please be aware and remember that content featuring nudism involving children is not allowed on our forum. All persons depicted have to be 18 years or older regardless.

2. No banned or restricted content
Do not post or exchange by private message any images, download links, hyperlinks or in any other way share material from any site prohibited at Forumophilia. Some sites may be subject to restrictions on the amount or where material from that site may be posted. (See list of banned and restricted sites at the link below. This list is subject to amendment at any time):

3. Only allowed Filehosters, Imagehosters and Link protectors
Do not post or exchange by private message any images or download links using any image hosting, file sharing or link protection site other than those permitted at Forumophilia or share material using any form of torrent or similar file sharing programs.
You can post the link to the file host folder with all files posted in your thread, but in first post only. We hope it will help you to keep links live and topics active. Also please note that we don't allow single post siterips. All files from folders must be posted in the thread.

(see lists of permitted sites below. This list is subject to amendment at any time).

Allowed File Hosting Services:
Arrow 1.
Arrow 2.
Arrow 3.
Arrow 4.
Arrow 5.
Arrow 6. Only for:

Whitelist of file hosting services may differ for various sections. For example only depositfiles, filefox and filejoker allowed for posting in GENERAL PORN | PICTURES, TEEN BABES FANCLUB and POPULAR MODELS, PORNSTARS AND CELEBRITIES sections.

Recommended Image Hosting Services:

Banned picture hosting services:

Links Protectors:
At this time no link protectors are allowed.

4. No Spam or Adverstising

4.1 You can't advertise any of the 3rd party sites in your profile, signature, screenshots, in names of files or in archives. Also don't forget it is forbidden to place links/banners to any 3rd party sites on your picture hosts and/or file hosts pages.

4.2 Using logos of any of the allowed file or picture hosts is not allowed.

4.3 You may not use refferal/affiliate links of any of the file or picture hosts.

5. No Phishing / Spoofing
Any attempt to steal or solicit member's passwords or personal information (Phishing) or posting links which redirect the member to a different site than that displayed in the link (Spoofing) are prohibited. Any post, thread or private message which contravenes this rule will be deleted and the perpetrator subject to immediate ban.

6. No streaming content, FHGs or TGPs
Do not post or exchange by private message any links to streaming videos or Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs) or Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs). (If in any doubt about how these are defined please ask a moderator).

7. Post Appearance

7.1 A post with a video must contain:
  • Screenshot list with at least 4 images for a short video and at least 12 for a movie.
  • File Information in text - quality, format, video length, resolution, file size. This information needs to be accessible without having to click on images (For example: Size: 951 MB | Format: wmv | Duration: 00:26:13 | Resolution: 1280x720).
  • Description, if one exists.
7.2 Posts with sets of images must contain:
  • Information in text about quality and quantity of images in a set, file size (For example: Resolution: 900 x 1200 | 60 Pics | Size: 12.6 MB).
  • 3 sample images (previews) (maximum 15).
7.3 Do not split files into a large number of parts:
  • Do not split files that are less than 200 MB.
  • Files from 400 MB to 600 MB don't split with more than 2 parts.
  • Files from 600 MB to 900 MB don't split with more than 3 parts.
  • Files from 900 MB to 1200 MB don't split with more than 4 parts.
  • Files from 1200 MB to 1500 MB don't split with more than 5 parts.
  • Files from 1500 MB to 1800 MB don't split with more than 6 parts.
  • Files from 1800 MB to 2100 MB don't split with more than 7 parts.
  • Files larger than 2100 MB don't split with more than 8 parts unless each part is 1024MB in size and is part of a Blu-ray movie.
7.4 It's not recommended to use names of paysites in thread titles.

7.5 All content must have similar appearance, same style. You are not allowed to use more than 2 programs to generate screen lists.

7.6 All links should be available for download by free user. For example, free users can't download files larger than 1024MB on most filehosts. Therefore, single large files are only allowed IF smaller, <1024MB links are provided.

8. Limits

8.1 The number of posts you can make in a thread is 10 posts per day, not per 24 hours. The board time is GMT. Enter your Profile and change the time to GMT. This rule covers posts with content only. We do not limit your ability to communicate but we feel that we have to warn you against posting meaningless posts just to increase your post count.

8.2 The quantity of videos/sets that can be posted in one single message is 2. Exception: you may post full movie splitted into separate scenes in one post.

8.3 New threads must have at least 5 videos/sets for TEEN BABES PICTURES, NON NUDE BABES FANCLUB, POPULAR MODEL SHRINES PICTURES AND VIDEOS sections and 10 videos/sets for all other sections. Max 20 picture sets posted per day per thread.

9. Bumping & Post Flooding
Do not post a series of short "Thank you" messages or unnecessarily duplicate posts in order to increase your post count. This will be construed as "Post Flooding" and any post which is thought to contravene this rule may be deleted by the moderators. You won't get to VIP by doing so. Bumping own threads in purpose to get a "top ranking" in a category are not permitted.

10. Post in one thread
Do not open multiple, single post threads in order to share material. Unrelated material or material with a single theme (e.g. Redheads) should be combined in a single thread.

11. No flaming
Do not use insulting, abusive or inflammatory language. Bigotry on the grounds of race, religious belief, sex, cultural heritage, sexual orientation etc will not be tolerated. Offenders will be banned from the site.

12. Only one account per user
Members are only permitted to hold one account at Forumophilia. Our moderators are always on a lookout for multi account violations. Very soon we are going to have a comprehensive clean up that will uncover all violators. If you are using more than one account, stop it right now! Otherwise a range of harsh measures will be applied towards your account such as but not limited to: ban of all accounts, IP ban, total removal of posts.

13. Admins and Moderators decisions are final
The site operator and appointed moderators reserve the right to take any action they feel appropriate should any member breach any of the above rules and to take any actions they feel appropriate in circumstances not covered by the above rules in order to protect the interests and harmony of the site operator, Forumophilia and its members. The decisions of the site operator and appointed moderators are final and dissention or abuse over their actions will not be tolerated.

14. Prohibited content
  • Under-age ( content included, NO Stickam webcam recordings or Pablolapiedra material)
  • Animal (zoophilia)
  • Gay / bisexual
  • Death (snuff)
  • Scat/Shit
  • Rape porn/Forced sex
  • Warez
  • Music
  • Mainstream movies (Hollywood blockbuster etc.)
This list is not conclusive. We reserve the right to take appropriate action for content not covered by the list. Forumophilia is not a forum for extreme or illegal porn. Ask if you are in doubt.

15. Punishments

15.1 When you go over the limit on number of posts per day, your thread is moved to Trash for 3 days. You must PM a moderator and acknowledge that you have familiarized yourself with forum rules and that you understand what you did, which rule you broke. After that moderator will move your thread back provided there are no more violations within.

If you go over limit 2 times your thread is placed in Trash for one week. 3rd offense means ban. Please count your posts using forum's local time - GMT.

15.2 A moderator has the right to move all your threads to Trash if you do not respond to a warning/PM/question within 3 days.

Guidance notes for new members

1. Forum etiquette

1.1 Keep it nice. Nobody likes a loud-mouth. Rudeness will not be tolerated (see rule 11). Don't feed the trolls. If you see someone being rude or inflammatory don't retaliate just report it to the moderators. If you don't like a model posted on the site you have nothing to gain by saying so. Tastes differ so just keep quiet and move on.

1.2 Don't post a string of meaningless posts (see rule 9). Other members find it irritating and it pushes quality posts off of the front page. Of course it's nice when members thank others for posting quality picture sets or videos and we'd never want to discourage that but keep it to a reasonable level and say something more substantial than a simple one-word "Thanks" Don't think you'll get into the VIP club any quicker by post flooding. You won't. We'll just delete your posts and reduce your post count.

1.3 Help the moderators by hitting the report button in the top right hand corner of a post where you see anything which contravenes the rules of the site. Forumophilia is a huge site and it takes a lot of time and hard work to police it. If you report a problem to the moderators we can deal with it more quickly.

1.4 If in doubt ask. If you suspect that something you want to post might be against the rules here or aren't sure how a certain rule is interpreted then ask a moderator for guidance. We're always happy to help.

2. Sharing material
We are glad to see new members and guests on our forum, but we want all newcomers to be: polite, civil and considerate in their actions and posts. What this means is if you are going to post your first post please introduce yourself. No need to post your biography, just a few simple sentences. The spirit of this board is sharing in good faith and communicating with each other and that always comes first! So when posting your threads make sure you don't post naked posts. Tell us at least a little about the stuff you post. You don't have to include full tech specs or model biography, just a little description of what you're sharing, updating and so on. If members ask you questions, make sure you answer them. We have to see that you are not a spammer or a bot but a valued member of our community. When naming your threads use good judgment, good English and make sure they are short and descriptive.

2.1 A thread title has to:
  • Match the contents of the thread. Do not cheat users by trying to lure into your thread with irrelevant title. Such threads will be removed.
  • Be informative. Do not use titles that are too short. If you don't have anything to say about the content that you post that means that either you are too lazy to think or just can't be bothered which is unacceptable. A title can always have information about niches, studios and other characteristics of your content.
  • Be unique. Do not steal titles from other members even from other forums (they can post on our board). Do not name all threads the same changing just a word or two. As for "my collection" and similar titles - everyone can name their topic as you did. It's nice when users share their collections. But if each thread would be named like yours - it would be silly.
  • Do not try to draw attention to your thread by using special symbols (**** !!!!! --==TITLE==--), caps look, using words BEST, HOTTEST and similar techniques. Let members evaluate your stuff, not you.
Please remember that a proper title is not something those moderators demand from you just because. A good, informative title helps your thread stand out among hundreds of others and that is the goal in the first place.

2.2 Spamming is prohibited and you all know that so it is STRONGLY suggested that you don't update your threads more than 10 times per day. Violators will be punished to the full extent.

2.3 Post all unrelated material in one thread (see rule 10). One of the things that irritates members here the most (especially the big posters) is a lot of single post threads which drive the more substantial threads off of the front page. It's also messy. Keep your unrelated stuff on one thread and keep adding to it when you have something new to post. The advantage to you in this is that every time you add to your thread your previous posts on it will be seen (and downloaded) by members who haven't seen the thread before. You get more downloads that way and your links will last longer. You'll also get more respect from the other members.

2.4 Contributing material to other member's threads is acceptable and often encouraged but don't hi-jack someone else's thread. Unless the member running the thread has clearly said they invite other members to post new material on it then ask first. Don't post anything which is already on the thread. Treat other member's threads with the same respect you'd like them to show to yours.

2.5 Use only permitted image hosting, file sharing or link protection sites (see rule 3). A lot of image and file hosting sites are not acceptable here. This is to protect our members not because we want to be authoritarian. Many hosting sites have a lot of pop-ups, re-direct to somewhere you don't want to go and some even download spyware or Trojans.Also if a hosting site redirects, causes excessive pop ups, requires registration, installs javascripts, or pays the uploader we don't allow it here. Also no containers of any form, it makes it so MODs can't verify that the material is allowed here.

2.6 Very small uploaded files and excessively large images posted on the site can be very annoying to other members. Do not post a complete site-rip in a single post. Try to limit your post to 2 videos (plus previews) or 2 picsets (plus previews) in one post. Try to keep uploaded files posted here to at least 10MB for video files and at least 25 images in picture files. Similarly very large images posted on the site can be irritating to other members. They can take a long time to load when viewing a thread and are often difficult to see if they are too large to be contained on a monitor screen. Keep the images you post at the site to no more than 900 pixels wide and 1300 pixels high and a maximum image weight of 500 KB (= 0.5 MB). Better still post thumbnails. Images in signatures should be no more than 650 pixels wide by 170 pixels high. Avatars must not exceed 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

2.7 Protect your download links. Most file sharing sites don't allow porn so don't make it obvious you're uploading it. If you want to upload a file with a name like "Hot teen blow job and fuck" it's going to be fairly obvious to the file sharing site that it isn't your holiday snaps so re-name it to something meaningless before uploading. Put everything in password protected RAR files so the file hosting site can't check to see what's inside. Use the "code" facility on the download link when posting here so that the hosting sites can't tell that downloads came from here.

2.8 You are responsible for everything you post. If you lift a download link from another forum, post it here and it contains anything which breaks the rules of this site you're the one we'll ban. Check what's inside every file before you post a link to it. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense.

2.9 In case of need to switch a file host that member uses to run a thread, a member first has to contact the forum administration with the purpose of notifying about the intention and getting a permission to do so. If it is possible for you to edit your old thread and replace old links to new ones, you will be strongly encouraged to do that. If this for any reason is not an option you will most likely be allowed to get a new thread while the old one will be closed and moved to Trash. You are not allowed to switch hosts without the prior notification and altering/destroying old thread on your own is strictly prohibited as well.
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Changed minimum split size from 300MB to 200MB.
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Picture hosting news: was banned. Reason - thousand popups, malware. was removed from recommended list because of not stable work, it's often down or works very slow added to recommended image hosting services
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rapidshare removed from the list because it will stop the active service on March 31st, 2015
dead link
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Maximum image width was increased to 900px
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filepost and bitshare removed because lost of credit card processing, it's impossible to buy premium account from them. removed because nobody uses it
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Following the results of discussions was moved to the list of hosts that are only allowed to be used with mirrors.
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Datа was removed from the list of allowed filehosts. More info here:
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Prohibited content list was updated
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List of allowed filehosting services was updated.
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Fileboom is allowed in Anime section now.