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This section is for popular models only. Beautiful, glamorous, non hardcore. Professional actresses should be posted in Porn Stars section.

This section was created so you have easier time finding your favorite models. I know that many of you have asked for it and I hope you are glad to have it!

and now


1. File/Image Hosts
Use Only allowed File hosts and Image hosts :
DO NOT post pictures hotlinked directly from pay-sites!

2. Thread title
Thread title must include only the model's name. No more information in title is allowed. Don't use pay-site's name. For example - site:, thread title: Sweet-Rebeca or Sweet Rebeca.

3. No mixes
Don't post several models in one thread. One model - one thread.

4. 5 clips/photos minimum
All new threads must contain at least 5 clips/photos, except when a particular model does not have that many sets. Don't start a new thread if you don’t have enough videos/images in the thread you’ve just started.

5. You are only be able to post in someone's shrine if:
- you have Topic Starter's permission
- It has been a week since last post (7 days).

6. People who already have shrines would have first crack at posting their shrines.

7. Requests
All requests go here - Popular Models Discussing and Requests. Don't post requests in this section.

8. Dead Links
Moderator may change or in any way alter the links if original links die.

If you think that a thread from somewhere in this forum has to be in this section please let me know via PM.

Allowed Hosts List:
Please note that these hosts are the only allowed for posting!
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8. Dead Links
Moderator may change or in any way alter the links if original links die.