I'm probably spamming
Added: Jan 19, 2019 11:54 pm
Watched this movie a long time ago and she was super hot in it. The story goes that she was attacked by this guy. So a group of women begins training her to get revenge on him. Meanwhile, that same guy becomes her lover and she doesn't know it was him. In the end, the group of women captures him and she is about to get her revenge. They pull his mask off his head to reveal him. She is shocked at first but eventually forgives him and the group of women is upset.

I've searched the iafd a lot and can't seem to find the movie. I'm wondering if there was some issue with it and the movie was deleted from her list.

I thought there was a hot lesbian scene between her and Chanel Preston. I'm not sure but I believe Chanel was the leader of the group of women. I did a search for lesbian scenes between her and Chanel but can't find it.