I'm probably spamming
Added: Nov 07, 2023 10:04 am
I'm desperately looking for an ancient video which presented a beautiful blonde in her only apparition on camera. I don't have much details (or I wouldn't be still looking for it after hours of browsing tube platforms) except that it is a kind of casting. There are two guys at the start of the video talking and wishing the girl would come, the second one has a passive role, probably in charge of recording the deeds and the main actor is a mix between Francesco Malcom and a young Manuel Ferrara physically speaking. I did not succeed to find other videos with him while I've seen in in many productions in the past. I don't even know if he is american or european though I tend to think he is european. This video is probably more than 10 years old and the girl really stunning (and this is her only shooting).
Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile.

To sum it up :

-the girl is blonde and gorgeous, she doesn't have the look of a pornstar
-this is probably her only apparition on screen
-action takes place in an appartment
-male actor is a young muscular stud
-video has probably been shot in the early 2010's
-it's not really a casting but the guys are expecting the model to come (or not) for sex on cam
-the video was quite popular on tube sites years ago with lots of comments but I haven't seen it in years, same for the male actor.

Thank you